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About Blue Sun Games

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The aim of Blue Sun Games is to provide a forum for gamers to discuss games in a different way: Too many websites rinse and repeat news stories, previews and reviews, with little engagement with the game as a text. Games are evaluated, but rarely engaged with as an artifact with deeper meanings.

Blue Sun Games aims to provide a home for writers to publish essays on all aspects of videogames. These academic-style essays can be literally on any subject – representations of genders, races, historical events, metaphors, symbolism, characterisation – the list is endless.

The site will avoid “traditional” reviews. Rather, instead of listing and evaluating features of a particular game, the writer will engage with the game on a more conceptual level: what were the developers trying to achieve with the game? What themes, if any, does the narrative approach? Do gameplay, graphical or character elements support this? The site will be non platform specific, ensuring the focus is purely on the games themselves.

The site, currently just a blog, obviously needs contributors to get going. As such, I’m looking for intelligent, talented writers who want to write essays on their favourite subjects. I don’t have any minimum requirements for contribution, as long as the articles are well written (structurally and grammatically), are interesting to read and have a strong, valid argument.

If you’re interested in helping out, send an email to bluesungames@gmail.com, with your name and location and at least one idea for an interesting essay topic, or even better a full essay! While regular contributers would be great, I’m perfectly happy to just post single essays for people.

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