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The Third Age: Total War Mod Review

February 22, 2011 1 comment

By Tom Dann

The Lord of the Rings is the perfect setting for a strategy game. The story is set in a time of war, for a start, and there’s a selection of interesting and unique factions involved. EA Games, who held the rights to games based on the movies until recently, published three Lord of the Rings strategy games: Battle for Middle-earth, its sequel, Battle for Middle-earth II, and that games expansion, Rise of the Witch-King. The first BfME was appealing, fantastically evoking the world of the movies, and was surprisingly immersive for s strategy game. Unfortunately, it was also incredibly shallow. BfME II, making the most of the expanded rights to include the books, was a bigger and more complex game, though it suffered from poor design choices for those assets not found in the films. WarCraft-style Dwarves marched against the more realistic design of the existing factions, while the expansion added magic and sorcerers which sat very uncomfortably with Tolkein’s descriptions of his world. Vivendi Universal, who owned the rights to make games based solely from the books, released War of the Ring, which owed far too much to WarCraft 3. Read more…

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