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Alan Wake: The Signal and The Writer Review

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment

By Tom Dann

[Warning: contains spoilers for the end of Alan Wake]

The Signal begins exactly where Alan Wake left off, with Alan trapped in “The Dark Place.” (a name bringing to mind Channel 4’s exquisite “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace,” a hospital-based horror series lampooning the kinds of shows Alan Wake homages. A neat reference? Or a lame title proving that Marenghi was, in fact, spot on?) Alan has saved Alice and Bright Falls, but is trapped having sacrificed himself to do so. As with the main game, there’s more to the story than the madness that’s on the surface. While the game, superficially, has Alan trying to escape from his imagination, symbolically the story can be seen to represent the problem artists have letting go after large projects. When something has dominated your life for a period of time, especially writing, readjusting to the real world can be tricky. The Signal and The Writer represent this by trapping Alan in his own imagination, struggling to escape after his magnum opus, Departure. Read more…

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Alan Wake Review

September 23, 2010 Leave a comment

By Tom Dann

“Nightmares exist outside of logic, and there’s little fun to be had in explanations; they’re antithetical to the poetry of fear.” – Stephen King

Alan Wake is Remedy’s ode to Stephen King, and just about every twisty-turny pulp horror novel ever written. There are references to other literary giants, such as Lovecraft, as well as mystery TV shows such as Lost and The Twilight Zone. Alan Wake is a love letter to each and every writer who has produced a scary, supernatural horror story. It homages and utilises the cliches and genre conventions we expect. By creating something so rooted in supernatural-mystery literature and television, Remedy have created something new and unique, a flawed masterpiece. Read more…

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