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A New Way of Looking at Videogames

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

What is art? There is no single, workable definition. Is art just something that makes us feel? Or reflect? Roger Ebert, normally a rational and witty writer, concluded not long ago that videogames are not, and can never be, art, despite never having played one and being unable to offer a definition of art. Though this conclusion has little validity, Ebert revealed, subtextually, an important point. There is very little in the way of academic-style discourse on videogames. Other artforms, such as film, both mine and Ebert’s specialty, have dozens of journals internationally, each containing many essays on hundreds of thousands of topics relating to film. It’s clear that if film, as a creative enterprise, can stimulate such a vast amount of intellectual debate, then it must be an artform. Read more…

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